“Historical Rebels in the Mexican Imaginary”

This special issue of Hispanic Journal aims to study the figure of the rebel in the Mexican imaginary, an historical-cultural character that has existed since pre-Colombian times to the present day. One of the fundamental premises of the selected essays will be the critical exploration of how these rebels demonstrate their transgressive potential by questioning structures of inequality – racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, sexual – that have persisted throughout Mexican history and society. We invite contributions that examine this figure from a multidisciplinary perspective in which literature critically dialogues with other fields such as history, economics, anthropology, film, and photography, among others.

We invite proposal submissions of approximately 500 words that explain the selected figure and critical focus. The proposal should include the primary texts under analysis as well as a bibliography of secondary sources that are essential to the investigative project. Submissions may be written in Spanish or English.

The deadline to submit project proposals will be DECEMBER 1, 2016.

Accepted proposals will have until MAY 1, 2017 to submit the complete article.

The format of the article must conform to the general expectations of Hispanic Journal: http://www.chss.iup.edu/spanish/hj/

Proposals can be sent to: Vicente Gomis-Izquierdo, editor (hispanic-journal@iup.edu) Amy Robinson, guest editor (arobins@bgsu.edu) Sofia Ruiz-Alfaro, guest editor (sofia.ruiz-alfaro@fandm.edu)